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Assignment Confirmation will confirm the assignment in writing. The confirmation includes agreed terms for the scope of the assignment and fee determination, as well as other specific conditions related to the assignment and its implementation.


In principle, completed work will be invoiced based on the value the delivery has added to the client. In some cases, a fixed price can be agreed upon for a specific delivery or an agreed hourly rate based on recorded time spent. The hourly rate will vary based on complexity, expertise, field, etc. For commercial clients, the starting point will be NOK 3,500 per hour excl. VAT.

Standard terms and conditions for Advokatfirma AS
(As of 1st July 2022)

The Engagement Letter or Assignment Confirmation will refer to and be based on the following standard terms:

The standard terms and conditions apply unless otherwise specifically and in writing are agreed in the Engagement Letter or the Assignment Confirmation.

In the event of any disagreement or dispute about the content of the Assignment Confirmation, the Client must notify advokatfirma as immediately and at the latest within 10 days of receipt of the Engagement Letter. When the deadline has expired, the Client accepts that the Engagement Letter shall apply as an agreement for the delivery of services.

The services

The services will be delivered with satisfactory quality and at a level of service that has been agreed and follows from ordinary industry practice. The services are only intended to cover the purpose described in the  Engagement Letter and cannot be used for other purposes.

Delivery of the services to third parties can only be made to the extent that it has been agreed or confirmed in advance, unless otherwise follows from binding law or regulation.

Verbal advice or draft deliveries cannot be used as a basis for any decisions.

The deliveries are based on the actual knowledge of the case presented by the Client or made known in another way in interaction with the Client, and the services cannot be perceived as confirmations that actual circumstances exist or not.


Sub-contractors may be appropriate to use where expertise, capacity or other circumstances dictate. As a general rule, this will be agreed with the customer. advokatfirma as is responsible for the content and quality of sub-delivery in the same way as self-produced deliveries, unless otherwise agreed with the Client.

Sub-contractors are invoiced by advokatfirma as to the Client. Claims cannot be raised against subcontractors directly, but claims must be raised through Advokatfirma AS.

Client’s responsibility

The Client is responsible for the relevant information being correct, available and complete in relation to the purpose of the delivery.

Furthermore, the Client is responsible for following up on the contractual relationship.

In the case of a group company, the agreement with the head of the group will also cover subsidiaries with at least 50% direct or indirect ownership. Advokatfirma AS' responsibility

The responsibility is to deliver legal services in accordance with the agreement entered into and also in accordance with industry standards and quality.

The overall responsibility, including interest and costs, is limited to documented direct costs, and up to five times the invoiced fee for the assignment including sub-deliveries.

Claims cannot be raised against subcontractors directly, but claims must be raised through Advokatfirma AS.


Lawyers' statutory duty of confidentiality will be observed.

The customer accepts electronic communication through ordinary e-mail and other channels, unless otherwise specifically agreed. Advokatfirma AS can, unless otherwise agreed, refer to ongoing and completed assignments in connection with the offer and marketing of the company's services.

Termination of assignments

The customer can terminate the assignment on a free basis, unless otherwise separately agreed. advokatfirma as can terminate assignments in accordance with the provisions of the Bar Regulations.

Regulatory requirements

The provisions of the Advocated Regulations apply.

Complaints about the services and the amount of the fee should be directed to the lawyer in charge for the case. Complaints can also be sent to the lawyers' disciplinary bodies; see

The provisions of the Anti Money Laundering Act will be complied with where applicable.

Personal data and privacy will be registered in connection with assignment registration and for the execution of assignments. Personal data will only be transferred in line with the regulations in force at any given time.

Archiving of documents in connection with assignments is limited to 10 years from the end of the assignment.

Intellectual property rights advokatfirma as will have the right to use intellectual property rights in its business also for other clients, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

Force Majeure

Each of the parties (Client or Law firm AS) are not liable to the other party if delivery of their contractual obligations is prevented due to force majeure.

Choice of law and venue

This agreement is governed by Norwegian law and disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiations must be brought before the courts with Hordaland District Court as the venue.